Our coaches

Our qualified moneyfit coaches have worked with everyone from CEO’s to start-up merchants, tradies to teachers and everybody in between. Now they are ready to fight for financial freedom in your corner too.

Our coaching programmes

Your moneyfit programme is delivered by a real person – an expert money coach who is dedicated to helping you reach your financial goals. Whether you’re wanting to pay down credit card debt, or saving for a home deposit, your moneyfit coach will provide the strategy and support to get your finances into shape - fast.

Four easy steps to moneyfit

Meet Your Coach

We’ll start off with a 60min video call to find out what your goals and aspirations are, any financial challenges that you may have to tackle, and capture any other important details to ensure we can develop the right plan to help you succeed.

Devise a financial action plan

Your coach will help you devise an action plan that allows you to live the life you enjoy while also making those financial goals a reality. We factor in your natural tendencies, unique obstacles, and opportunities in determining your financial capability and developing an achievable plan to move you forward.

Stay accountable with Regular Monthly check-ins

Guided by insights and reporting generated by the moneyfit app, your coach will track your progress and provide smart tactics and independent advice to further accelerate your financial goals.

Crush Your Goals

As you progress through your action plan and kick some goals you’ll feel stress reduce and those constant bursts of satisfaction that come from making real financial progress.

Become a coach

What We're Looking For

Ambitious, growth-minded coaches who want to influence financial outcomes for far more people than one ever could from an office.

Our team is pushing the boundaries to create a new paradigm for the financial services industry - and democratise financial freedom. That's why we need coaches who not only understand how to build training programs that specifically meet individual needs but also have the ability to connect with and support other people.

This is an opportunity to punch above your weight class and learn new skills beyond simply offering financial advice. You will be one of the earliest employees with a company that will shape the future of financial wellbeing, coaching, and performance.

Wisdom and Experience

If you are interested in becoming a Moneyfit coach, we’re looking for people who have four+ years of relevant experience in financial services, management, coaching or training at a high-performance level.


Being a money coach is a serious commitment. We are in the business or changing people’s financial lives and it’s important our coaches are too. Moneyfit requires a commitment of 5 hours per week minimum for a 12-month period.


Join a diverse, passionate & driven team of all backgrounds committed to creating positive change

Competitive industry rates

Comprehensive training and support

Flexible working hours – perfect for a side hustle

Progressive, collaborative culture with purpose

How to apply in four steps

Submit a 90 second video of yourself (using your phone) providing detail on the following:


Introduce yourself
(background and interests)


What is your why? (Why do you want to become a MF coach)


How you believe you can make the biggest difference to financial outcomes for money fit customers


Send your 90 second video to coachapplication@moneyfit.me

Send your 90 second video