Financial wellbeing for teams

Financial stress is one of the leading causes of low productivity and employee churn in the workplace. The moneyfit corporate wellness program provides every employee with a world class money coach to build a custom training plan.

Build savings. Trim costs. Crush goals.

Moneyfit’s goal setting gets your financial affairs into shape faster, making your money work harder so you don’t have to.

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Financial wellness for teams FAQ

Q: Are there discounts for corporate teams?

A: Yes! Moneyfit will offer ongoing discounts off of our retail cost (xxxx) to our corporate partners. Please reach out to get more details.

Q: Can our company provide a subsidy for moneyfit?

A: Yes! Corporate partners can optionally subsidise a portion of the monthly cost for their employees.

Q: Can employees contribute from their own pocket to cover moneyfit?

A: Yes! Employees can contribute to the cost ie opt in’s for coaching. We are happy to design a package that suits your team.

Q: Does the HR team get a Data Dashboard for my team?

A: Yes! moneyfit can provide the HR team with a dashboard demonstrating program performance.

Q: Can our team be assured that their data will remain private?

A: Yes, our system will anonomize all data and provide general insights and trends.