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Jane McCormack

Jane McCormack is two parts financial wizard, one-part intrepid explorer. Jane combines 20 years of international and local experience as a financial analyst and Chartered Accountant with the mind of a mystic and the spirit of an adventurer.

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Jane has a Bachelor of Commerce, is a Chartered Accountant and Registered Financial Adviser. Her long and storied career has traversed numerous sectors including accountancy, wealth management, banking, tele-communications and local government. From cutting her teeth in the belly of the beast at Merrill-Lynch and the big four accounting firms, Jane has put purpose at the center of her work resulting in her move into coaching and education where she uses her powers for good.



Jane specialises in getting the very best out of her clients. Raising three beautiful children while balancing a career has provided Jane with the honesty, positivity and perspective that make a great coach – especially when paired with a razor-sharp analytical mind and deep reserves of determination. When Jane isn’t climbing mountains or competing in adventure races she’ll be found hanging out with her fam.