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Melanie Little

Melanie Little has come to moneyfit after years working at the highest levels in the corporate and financial worlds both in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. In her role as Head Coach at Moneyfit, Mel is able to combine her years of financial experience with her love of helping people unlock their potential.

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Melanie is a Chartered Accountant who received her Bachelor of Commerce from Otago University. Her specialist experience in budgeting, cash flow management, financial reporting, treasury management and audit; across the financial services, energy, telecommunications, manufacturing, healthcare and fitness sectors.


Mel loves to support clients get financially fit by helping them to better understand their relationship with money and break down their goals in an understandable and achievable way. She revels in improving client’s financial confidence and seeing their worries and stress visibly diminish. In her free time, Melanie loves spending time at the beach, travelling and spending time with her young family.